3D Latte Art

This Taiwanese artist creates an amazing world out of simple milk foam.

By Fabienne Hofer-Uji

I got the tip for Jerry’s amazing three dimensional Latte Art from my friend Cindel. On a warm and sunny Thursday afternoon at the end of October we strolled through a little park, when we came to talk about the numerous cafés and tee shops in Taipeh. My eyes lit up when she told that she had recently enjoyed a caffè latte with a 3D Hello Kitty figurine in the company of her mother on a terrace on the second floor of a café-restaurant. As many people had told me that they would love to read more about cafés with special Latte Art, this barista just came at the right time! 


When we visited the café a few weeks later I was amazed by its interior, which made me think of a trattoria down in Italy and thus did fully credit to its Italian name Vino Vino. When the familiar scent of risotto bianco, which is quite hard to get in Asia, rose to my nose, and when I read on the top of framed poster of a naked women with pinned up brown hair the faded words “Kunsthaus Zurich Collection”, I couldn’t help but smile.


If you like cakes, you will definitely not regret your visit. From Cheese Cake with a refreshing lemon flavor, Match Dark Chocolate Cake, over French Lemon Tart to Raspberry Cake and Tiramisu you find a fine selection of tiny but exquisite cakes. 

The most impressing though are Jerry’s Latte Art creations. He makes conventional Latte Art with spectacular images, as the Japanase anime character Totoro (movie), as well as breathtaking milk foam art in 3D. Whether you love Japanese anime characters, as Pikachu, Son Goku or Anpanman, or cute animals, artist Jerry brings them all to life. Enjoy a cup of coffee with a sweet figurine smiling happily back at you. 

5 years ago while working in bars Jerry began to take interest in Latte Art. He mastered this craft by watching videos on the internet and of course hours of practice – with impressive result!  

If you’d like to bring some color and magic into your everyday life, a birthday party or a chat over a cup of coffee with friends or your family, you can learn the basics of Latte Art with Jerry in three hours (price: 3000 NTD). 

You find more information on Jerry and his Latte Art on his Facebook page. Just copy the Chinese name in the info box below and paste it into the search window on Facebook and voilà – a magic world opens up.  

Latte Art at Vino Vino: every day 6pm – 2am

Station: Taipower Building, Exit 3 (approx. 5 minutes)

Price: 160 NT ($) 

Facebook: Jerry立體拉花彩繪咖啡藝術坊

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