Fabienne Hofer-Uji

❤︎   MY  3 BIG LOVES ❤︎   

As little girl when I got my first big juicy piece of Black Forest Cherry Cake at our round dining table back in Switzerland, I knew immediately that I had fallen for it. Since then a birthday is not a birthday without some Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Years later Asian culture in the form of Chinese characters conquered my heart and led me to study Chinese and Japanese.  After my studies I decided to follow my heart and move to my beloved Asia, where I met my husband, the third and biggest love of my life. 

I followed my husband to his home country and since spring 2017 I’m a PhD student at Osaka University. When I’m not bent over some history book, I like to go for a relaxing stroll with my husband and enjoy life with some fresh tea or coffee and some sweet juicy cake.  



It’s your chance to discover original cafés in Osaka, their unique sweets and sneak a peek at Osaka’s local culture and its people. Something you can’t find in a guidebook.

During my first trip to Japan in summer 2010 I flipped through several English, French and German guidebooks in search for local cafés, ways to experience  local culture and meeting people. But as you can imagine  without success. All I could find were some fancy places in Ginza, which exceeded my student budget by far. That’s why I told myself:

“If no one is going to write a café-guide and connecting people, I’ll do it!”

I would like to give you a unique glimpse into Osaka’s diverse local culture and the life of its people.   


As you may have seen on my home page I believe in Gandhi’s statement that the culture of a place resides in its people. More than six years in Asia have showed me that we can only understand another culture when we try to see it with the eyes of its people and engage with them on a personal basis.

Connecting with other cultures deepened the understanding of my own culture and widened my horizon and my heart.

I hope that this website can connect you to Japanese local culture and to other people who are engaged in Japanese culture and like this create worldwide bonds that will support peace. 


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