Japanese Hipster Café with Seasonal Cakes

By Fabienne Hofer-Uji

Hidden in a small backstreet and surrounded by green potted plants you find café Afterhours: a place of calm and relaxation. This spacious and bright café is a paradise for every cake and decoration lover. Once you’ve crossed the doorstep, you’ll find yourself in a fairyland full of tiny items. Bear figurines, dried flowers, diverse glasses, cups, bowls, saucers and chopsticks holders are diligently exposed in the café. While some articles distinguish themselves by their refined simplicity, others amaze with their beautiful ornaments. 

Due to its classy interior and elegant presentation of tableware and baskets Afterhours has also been qualified as “Japanese Hipster Café”.


Most important though are the tasty seasonal cake creations. The flagship cake is the caramel chiffon cake, which you can enjoy throughout the whole year. This soft, airy biscuit with a dab of delicate cream and caramel crisps on the top brings a smile on your face not only when savoring, but also every time you think back to it. 

Besides the speciality of the house, the café offers additional four to five seasonal cakes. During winter/spring for example you can taste some strawberry-chocolate-cake, during summer some mango fruit tart and in autumn some ginger pumpkin cake with brown sugar. Famous for its Japanese style, you can often get some kind of seasonal sweets with Matcha or Hôchija flavor. 


It’s quite hard to make a choice not only for the candies, but also when looking at the beverages: Should you take a fragrant Matcha Latte in a nice bowl, go for a Hôchija with brown sugar, an Almond Caffè Latte, a Bailey’s coffee, or even freshly squeezed juice?! With this wide selection, you’ve no choice but to drop by again and try every single pie without restrain. 

Opening Hours: Mon –  Sun, 11:00 – 19:00

Station: Nanjing Sanmin, Exit 1 (ca. 12 minutes)

Price: 300 – 380 NT ($$) 


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