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100% Green Tea Delight

Discover a Japanese teahouse, which combines tradition and modernity, tea and coffee, Japanese traditional sweets and Western cakes.
(German only - but with pictures)

Organic Diversity

Hidden between potted plants in small backstreet you find an organic treasure nest. Enter it and it will disclose a wide range of freshly baked seasonal cakes.

Art & Sweets

Do you have a sweet tooth and you're fond of art? Then this café has to be on the very top of your Osaka travel list.

Tea Sweets Bites

For different kinds of traditional Japanese green tea, tea flavored ice cream, pudding and jelly cubes, you have to visit this café.

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coming soon


Matcha Power

Get ready for Matcha green tea, sakura cheesecake and many other Japanese sweets in Taipeh.

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What People Say ?

I got to know Chashitsu through JAPAN CONNECT and I was dlighted after my visit there. The Japanese sweet and the Matcha Caffè Latte were delicious and the owner very friendly.
I had a sweet and relaxing time. Thank you JAPAN CONNECT.
Sri Lanka
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