cica: arts & sweets

How young artists in a backstreet combine drawing with sweets  

By Fabienne Hofer-Uji

Under an oppressive heat on a Saturday afternoon I happened to walk by café cica. As the deer and stag figures in front of the entrance and the fancy wall painting immediately caught my eyes,  I was very intrigued to know how this art café looked like inside. So I couldn’t resist the temptation to have a closer look at its interior while enjoying a refreshing lemonade.  

I was completely blown away, when I first saw the colorful world, which unfolds inside of the café, and the amazing chocolate decoration on the dishes! 

As soon as i stepped into the cozy café, all the exhaustion from my walk under the heavy sun and the stress of everyday life just fell off my shoulders. Fleet-footed I let myself dive into this amazing comic world. The delicate black paintings on the walls, which were here and there colored in blue, purple and yellow, formed a huge story filled with small exciting anecdotes. 

In the café you can get a chocolate sauce decoration that really blows your mind on fluffy pancakes, crunchy French toasts or carefully arranged Eggs Benedict. Depending on your schedule, mood and appetite – complex drawings take up to 100 minutes – you can choose between three decoration types: quick art , a kind of surprise art called “omakase art“, which means something like “I’ll leave it to you”, or a decoration of your choice, the so-called customized art. Each of them has its own beauty. Even the comparatively simple flower patterns of the quick art variation are very well done. Art lovers, however, generally go for the customized art and get their favorite anime character, their beloved pet or even themselves portrayed. 



With 1400 to 1800 Yen for a dessert/plate and a drink café cica is more expensive than most coffee shops, but considering the extremely friendly service, the artistic interior and the amazing chocolate sauce decorations, which elicit an admiring “oh” or “kawaii” (so cute!)  from every customer, and the the fact that you support young talented artists in the beginning of their career, make it absolutely worth it! 

To cut a long story short: if you’re into art, café cica has to be on the top of your Osaka to-do-list! 

Opening Hours: We –  Mo, 10:00 – 22:00

Station: Tanimachi Rokuchôme, Exit 3 (ca. 1 minute)

Price: 1400 – 1800 Yen ($$$) 


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