Heiankyo Tea Affair

A Royal Tea Experience   

By Fabienne Hofer-Uji

“Heiankyo” (Imperial Residence of Peace and Tranquility) was the former name of today Kyoto, when the city was still the official capital and residence of the emperor (794-1868). You do feel a little bit aristocratic, when crossing the octagonal portal with its light green fabric divider (noren) hanging on its top. Finding yourself in a small patio surrounded by cherry blossoms, if feels like you’ve just been on a journey in space and time.


As the name suggests, the Heiankyo Tea Affair is specialized in Japanese Tea, and Matcha green tea from the region around Kyoto in particular. From the popular Matcha Latte to soft pudding, crispy waffles und tasty cakes, you can get anything your (Matcha) heart desires. 


Enjoy a great variety of sweets and beverages made of Matcha coming from the region around Kyoto.       


For a traditional tea experience, you can savor pure Matcha with a piece of delicate confectionary (wagashi) made out of sweet bean paste. In Japanese tea ceremony Matcha is served with a wagashi to alleviate the slightly bitter taste of the tea. 

If you have already attended a Japanese tea ceremony, I recommend you the Matcha soft ice cream. Not too sweet nor too bitter-flavored, it is a simple though delicious treat. 

Are you visiting the café during Japan’s cherry blossom season (sakura) – around the end of March / beginning of April ? Then you can taste all kinds of sakura-flavored sweets. These seasonal desserts are extremely popular in Japan. Even Starbucks offers every year some limited sakura creations. Outside Japan, however, sakura is not a very famous flavor. A reason more to take the opportunity and taste some sakura specials in Taiwan! 

Opening Hours: 

Wed –  Mon: 12:30- 21:00         


Taipower Building Station, Exit 5 (approx. 1 minute)


300 – 380 NT ($$) 

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