Matcha One

Traditional Japanese Uji-Matcha in a Modern Atmosphere  

By Fabienne Hofer-Uji

Matcha One is a subsidiary of Heiankyo Tea Affair (see blog). As both cafés prepare their drinks and desserts with Uji-Matcha from the region around Kyoto, their sweets have a very similar tea aroma. Whereas their beverages don’t differ significantly, their cakes and interior are quite different. 

Heiankyo Tea Affair has the calm and demure atmosphere of the Japanese tea ceremony. It is decorated in warm, dark tones and you can choose whether you prefer sitting on a tatami floor in a small separate room or on elegant wooden chairs. Matcha One, on the other hand, with its white walls, bright and modern design is a real hipster café. 

Drizzle the Matcha sauce over the cake to intensify the green tea flavor!  

You can enjoy most desserts, like Matcha waffles, Matcha roll cakes or Matcha ice cream in both cafés. However, the Matcha Layer Cake with filling is only available at Matcha One. You can get this cake with strawberry-cream or whole Atsuki-bean filling. The strawberry variation is a very fine treat, as the green tea cake layers are so delicate that they almost melt under the slight pressure of your fork. The layer cakes are served with a tiny plastic container filled with sweet Matcha sauce, which emphasizes the café’s modern touch. 

Besides the Matcha Layer Cake with filling, you should try the original combination of Matcha and coffee. It consists of a cup of black coffee with a layer of withe milk foam topped by green Matcha ice cream. This beverage isn’t only tasting delicious, it also looks very spectacular. Matcha One is my special tip for all Matcha and photo-lovers.  

Station: Guting Station, Exit 5 (approx. 15 minutes)

Price: 300 – 400 NT ($$) 


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