Café Nest

An organic treasure nest  

By Fabienne Hofer-Uji

Compared to Switzerland or Germany – I don’t know about other countries – where you can find in (almost) in every village a health food shop, it is much harder to get organic products in Japan. Japan Agriculture Cooperatives – short JA – have many points of sale, which provide products from Japanese farmers, but it is not always guaranteed that the fruits and vegetables are completely organic and not treated with pesticides.

Mister Komai took on the challenge and committed himself to use mainly organic products in his café a scarcity in Japan. 

Mister Komai recounts that it wasn’t an easy journey, though. When he opened his café 17 years ago, there were not many farmers, who cultivated on an organic basis and even fewer were willing to sell their products to an individual buyer. But these circumstances couldn’t discourage him. Mister Komai continued searching for local farmers, kept negotiating and thus over time obtained more and more organic products. A big success was getting organic flour a few years ago. As he is making 8 to 10 (!) different cakes every single day, flavor is  essential.   

Try this summer’s newest creation: a refreshing lemonade made of peppermint leaves and squeezed Kawachi-Bantan-Pomelo, which relieves you from heat and stress in one sip.

It is very important for Mister Komai to use organic and seasonal products for his cakes, cookies, lemonades and smoothies. Visit Café Nest and enjoy the seasonal flavor of diverse fruits, nuts and herbs. And make sure you don’t miss classic seductions like the homemade Matcha-Chococlate-Cake.  

Opening Hours: Fr – We, 11:00 – 21:00 

Station: Tanimachi Rokuchôme, Exit 6 (ca. 5 minutes)

Price: 1000 – 1200 Yen ($$)

Instagram: cafenestcafenest

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